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NOVEMBER 9, 10 & 11, 2018

GET Ready..we're going to Revamp & Flip Out @ the 2018 Sale!!!

Check Contest Page for more exciting info.....

Yes, It BEEN a Blast ! (If you HEARd the buzz.....)

AND we are doing it again..AGAIN & AGAIN!

 The Exciting Fun Event, With Something for Everyone, ALL Weekend, All Happening along the West Side of Citrus County, mostly along Highway 19 but MANY BEYOND too!

Sales may be from Homosassa to Crystal River & many OFF 19 NOW!

Bringing the Community, Businesses & Visitors together!

November 2018 sale will be here before you know it:)... so get's going to be a blast

and there's always something FUN !!

This is Where You'll FIND....

ALL the EVENT Happenings for the

3 Day Highway 19 & Beyond

Yard Sale Extravaganza!

Keep Checking Back for more  November 2018 Event Details.......

Event happenings

 The Yard Sale Extravaganza

Along the 10 Mile stretch on Highway 19 in Citrus County,

It's a Yard Sale Extravaganza!!

TGFYS Sales are located on "Official Yard Sale Sites", offering lots of vendors in a particular location with good parking!!!

(Please don't park in right a way! SALES are not in R of W!!)

Official Vendors are located on an Official Siteor a Business along the route. Both will be marked by "Official" signage &

on the Event Happenings Google Map.

Starts @ where ever YOU want!!

Normally Runs from Homosassa to Crystal River!

Sales may be on both sides! Each day can be different !

Don't come early...PLEASE let the vendors set up (first day anyway:)!!

**JUST a NOTE....TGFYS sets up vendors on permitted locations as required by Citrus County, BUT there are many random sales along & off the Hwy 19 route..THESE sales are the local community getting involved, we are excited that the community supports the event!  Official Sites, Official Vendors & Official Supporters are on the Goggle MAP!!"NEW" for FALL ...we added community sales to the map too! TGFYS puts out TGFYS signage, TGFYS banners ONLY of Official sites, we have good parking (not on DOT Right a Way!!!)Please, NOTE we have NO CONTROL over OTHER sales signage, parking, sale times, ect...

Thank you for understanding

& your support of TGFYS....

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

NEW Map !!   FALL 2018  SALE !!

Click the Google Map for DETAILS of ALL the

OFFICIAL SALE SITES & Community Sales!

Not Sure where we are...

Check the basic map on About TGFYS Page for "where" Citrus County is!

Entertainment & Events

Here's Some "Happenings"...

Taking Place on TGFYS Event Weekend !!!

Even if you don't see it HERE...

there's plenty to do in CITRUS COUNTY !!

We update this area the first part of month of the next sale:)That will be November..let us know if you have something going on !!!


HAVE an EVENT Happening the weekend of TGFYS ????

Let us know we will post it here!!


 OFF HWY. 19

CONTACT US if you are having

a Yard SALE during TGFYS!!

WE will add your sale to the

Sale MAP for FREE!