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The Idea, The Vision, The Plan !

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VIDEO 2014



The Great Florida Yard Sale was an idea in the making for many years, with the name, website and idea first being tested in 2010 with a small event. After much area research and feedback the idea has now gone live!

Many communities and states across the US have events just like this, some on a statewide scale, some are smaller community events. One thing they all have in common is the large crowds these events draw, attracting visitors that have never been to the areas. The Great Florida Yard Sale is a great opportunity for our community to attract thousands of visitors. 

The vision for The Great Florida Yard Sale is to fill West Citrus County & Highway 19 (not in the right of way :)), TGFYS sales are on Official Sale Sites, some sales started from the Intersection of 19 & 98 (south of Homosassa) as far as Crystal River, with many sales NOW moving OFF HWY. 19 as the community gets involved, it's a yard sale extravaganza!! SEE UPDATE BELOW. This is a great opportunity for local businesses, citizens, non-profits and the community at large to get involved and a with great potential to raise funds for their own charity. This type event fills motels, restaurants and campgrounds with visitors that normally may not come to our area.

TGFYS is a Semi-Annual Event in the Spring & Fall, with the November Fall event being close to Veterans Day, 2nd weekend of the month every year and the Spring event in April, also 2nd weekend of the month yearly.  We may change when needed or new ideas come up to benefit TGFYS success!:)

As the event grows, so will the size of the sale. Always keeping Citrus County as the main hub, but adding other communities. For now we are keeping the plan & the vision local.....time will tell if & when we go bigger!

   2021 UPDATE !!!!!! ALL Official Vendors are @ The Crystal River Mall OUTSIDE AGAIN for Fall 2021 !!  (Hopefully :) some changes in 2022!!)



November  12-14th 2021

8am - 4pm Fri. & Sat.

8am - 2pm  Sunday

2021 FALL TGFYS Event!

AT The Crystal River Mall's Huge Parking Lot

An  Extravaganza, Other Community Sales Still On Highway 19 & "BEYOND"

in Citrus County !!

New Sale Sites in the works hopefully for 2021 !!:):)

We list what we get...

All sites listed are from 2020 !!

Map will be updated Nov 8, 2021

2020  FALL Sale Map...

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FYI....this little map insert is where Citrus County FL is located...

2021 FALL EVENT !!

November 12,13 & 14, 2021

8:00am - 4:00pm  Friday & Saturday

8:00am- 2:00  Sunday